Web Services &
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Development of web applications and web
services. With cloud hosting or Docker images
on request.

Web applications & services, software development

The company has been working professionally in the IT sector for 10 years with a lot of experience in the areas of web applications, web services and website design and development in Europe. We bring in-depth professional experience with Google Cloud, AWS Amazon, Linux, Windows Java, Go, Docker and other technologies. We support small and medium-sized companies in digitization. We deliver all services and products on time and cost-effectively.

Do you have very high license costs?
Do you want to reduce your maintenance and infrastructure costs?
Think about migrating part or all to a cloud.

Cloud is suitable for any size and starts with
Free Tiers at 0, – Euro operating costs.
However, one must be aware of possible cost traps.

Cloud doesn’t always make sense either.
Some cloud providers only offer certain products,
especially for databases, the offers are very different.

Sometimes, however, it can also be better
to host applications in the Docker container with VPS from a Swiss provider.

These are the benefits of cloud hosting:

01 Cloud is suitable for any size.
02 You can save costs for infrastructure and licenses.
03 No need to overprovision hardware.
04 You can always flexibly scale the right size. Automated.
05 Low entry costs. Start with a Free Tier.
06 Costs depending on use: no use, no costs.
07 The perfect infrastructure for the right size.
08 Flexibility to shrink and enlarge every minute as needed or needed.
09 Available in Switzerland and other regions.

What we do

Web services

Our company offers professional support for the development and hosting of web services. With REST API, web services can be developed and, if desired, made available in a cloud or as a Docker container.


Our company offers expertise in the cloud with savings and cost calculations, migration and advice in the cloud environment. This includes both Google Cloud, AWS Amazon and other options such as hosting with data centers in Switzerland.

Web application

Web applications are flexibly developed as microservices with Java or Go. Java with Spring Boot offers the fastest development cycle. Go, the modern programming language from Google, offers fast performance and a smaller memory footprint. Together with the cloud, the most efficient and powerful technologies currently on the market.


We create affordable and high quality websites for you. With e-commerce solutions on request. Based on WordPress, professional internet presences for your company can be created within days.

MS Office

MS Office development at the highest level. We not only offer spreadsheets, but the developers of complete MS Office add-ins with customized menus. If necessary, cloud services can be integrated in the background, e.g. for external data storage.


In addition to web applications or services, mobile apps can be created on an Android basis. We take care of design and development. On the server side, Google Cloud can be used with Firebase.

Your mobile app with database
and cloud connection

We develop your mobile app for Android and Iphone natively, or
with React Native as a website that also runs on smartphones.

Cloud databases can be connected, as well as synchronization with background services, for example to keep data on your sales staff constantly up to date.

Simple user interface with modern UI / UX technology

Value is placed on user-friendly user interfaces with modern UI / UX techniques.

In consultation, the design can be completely created and implemented by us according to your specifications.

Prices for development and advice

Our main goal is to give satisfaction to our customers. As soon as we receive your order, our specialized team will start working on your project.

CHF 140 Development
  • Java development
  • Go development
  • Colud consulting
  • Cost calculation
CHF 800 Website
  • Internet address
  • Website hosting
  • Own mailbox
  • Wordpress development
CHF 130 Ms office development
  • MS Office Addins
  • Individual Menu
  • Optional Server Database
  • Cost calculation

Frequently Asked Questions

With the experience of more than 10 years in SME and large companies, we professionally realize the planning and implementation of projects.

We have internal and external networks to acquire the right professionals to implement the project requirements.

Smaller jobs can also be outsourced cheaply if required.

We are happy to support you in digitizing your work processes.

Manual workflows can be digitized more often than is assumed.

Automatic sending of reports via e-mail or input of data, control of workflows with approvals.

We advise them whether a changeover is worthwhile in their specific case and what the approximate cost will be.

The better they define the requirements, the better costs can be estimated.

If the project is not operated on its own servers, additional costs for the infrastructure, i.e. servers and domains, may arise.

Instead of an hourly price, a total price can also be agreed.

During an initial discussion after the requirements have been recorded, a first rough and non-binding estimate can be made.

The technologies used are heterogeneous and adapted to each other.

The right combination also makes a difference. Thus, a pure cloud solution is not always the best solution, but can add value to an architecture.

Java, Golang and PHP are used as programming languages. VBA for MS Office applications and other script languages are also used.
Im Frontend kommen Javascript und Typescrpt zum Einsatz.

REST API (API First approach) is used as interface to connect front and backend.

Google Cloud or AWS Amazon are used in the infrastructure and often cheaper VPS servers (virtual private servers).

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