International Network Support & Service – Glas

We offer professional IT service for all types of web applications, websites or mobile apps.
For more than 10 years we have been advising small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprise IT or business environments.

We completely develop your web application and bring it to all devices.

From simple business cards on the web to high-performance web applications in the cloud, web shops, mobile apps and MS Office support, you’ve come to the right place.
When it comes to high-performance applications, we can offer development with Go in the Google Cloud. In this combination, probably the currently most performant architecture in the network.

If needed, it can also be developed on Java EE on Google Cloud Appengine, or created with PHP and WordPress webshops.

We are happy to provide you with an individual and non-binding offer.



We can easily and simply create webpages for you.
It uses WordPress, which is very easy to maintain.
The design and a domain are included in the package.
With own Domains an individual offer can be created.

For this purpose, applications can be pre-installed.

Webpage with up to 5 pages + 1 domain + design + WordPress installation + personal mail address
1200, – CHF
120, – CHF per additional hour of work for additional services.

Pre-install additional applications:
Wordpress (Website & Blogs)
Mediawiki (wiki like wikipedia.org)
Group Office (CRM system)

Other applications on request.


Webshops are created with us easily with WordPress.
The design and a domain are included in the package.
With own Domains an individual offer can be created.

Webshop with up to 5 pages + 1 domain + design + WordPress installation + personal mail address.
Articles can be maintained via Excel files.
Entry of items will be charged separately.

1200, – CHF
120, – CHF per additional hour of work for additional services.

Web applications

Web applications are developed based on Google Cloud.
For this the program languages Go, Java and PHP can be used.

Go has the best performance, but is more complex to develop because of the smaller libraries.
Java has very extensive libraries for web development.
PHP has very good frameworks and web applications that can easily and quickly build custom web applications.

130, – CHF per working hour or on a contract basis.


You have a project with a small budget ?
We can organize qualified people for half of the common marketprice of switzerland.

Contact us for an individual offer.

Mobile App

Mobile applications for Android and iPhone can be developed by us as well as normal web applications. It is with the help of the Ionic Frameworks possible to provide an application for both the Internet and normal browsers as well as simultaneously for Android and iPhone.

Data can be stored cost-effectively in the cloud via Firebase.
Users can log in via Google+ or Facebook, creating personal informations and save them online.

130, – CHF per working hour or on a contract basis.

MS Office

Addins or simple macros can be developed for MS Excel as well as MS PowerPoint or MS Word.

You can also connect to online services and, for example, save the data in an online database.

100, – CHF per working hour or on a contract basis.


International Network Support & Service – Glas develops various own products and web applications.

Gomando is a command-line tool, mainly for Linux, to store and retrieve commands. First beta version has been released on 01.03.2018.

Makao is a monitoring solution for Nagios to monitor Siebel CRM.



As it happens many times, its inspiration came from a need. I am working mainly with Linux systems, and you really have a lot of commands available.
But there are some commands, that I don’t use often, and other ones have a lot of parameters.
I don’t want to look always. How does it work, what parameters are available and how to set them correctly.
Another issue was that I sometimes needed very small command lines tools like an email client or even a little fileserver.
So I started to pack altogether and wrote it using Golang. Golang is a programming language and very useful for command line applications (though not only).
Now it stores all commands you want (or even a script) in an xml. And you can retrieve it any time. You can give it a name, or let Gomando define it.
You can give it tags and a description to always find it when you need to.
And because such a collection of data with a description can be useful for other users, I created also this Wiki.
Here you can upload your data xml, download it from another device or share it simply with all other users.
Have fun with this tool and share your collections!


This tool is mainly for storing and executing commands on command line. It has currently two files: configuration.xml with some configuration options. And xml with data named to the operationg system like “linux.xml” or “windows.xml”.

It is meant to keep commands that you need from time to time in a file. You don’t have to have all in your mind. Maybe it will become a pool for certain work areas with an xml for each area. don -help will print all available options.

It comes currently without packages and contains only single binaries for Linux, Linux arm and Windows.




Makao works as a passive plugin for Nagios Monitoring to check status of Siebel CRM. Nagios checks are:

  1. Check status of Siebel components.
  2. Check status of tasks of Siebel components.
  3. Check minimum and maximum number of running tasks.
  4. Check timeout for tasks.
  5. Check Siebel application server via status or port check, optional clusterconfiguration.
  6. Check Gateway availability via port check.
  7. Cluster port check logic (active-passive cluster).
  8. Check enterprise logfile.
  9. Optional summary of tasks or components in one Nagios service.

Additional features not Nagios related:

  1. Automated restart of crashed Siebel components.
  2. Automated prefill of ini file with recommended values.
  3. Automated creation of all Nagios services for cfg file.
  4. Automated full parameter compare of two Siebel environments with data differences export.
  5. Automated export of all Siebel parameter into csv or txt file.
  6. Everything highly configurable via ini file.

Full license: 240,- Euro for each Siebel environment.
Non-European countries: 280,- Dollar for each Siebel environment.
Ask for a general full enterprise license.

Full license + 1 day local suport (without expenses): 1200,- Euro or 1400,- Dollar
and Free Mail support.



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