International Network Support & Service - Glas offers IT services in development and administration
of enterprise applications.

Administration, infrastructure and design of Siebel CRM.
Full monitoring solution based on Nagios Monitoring for Siebel CRM.

Java and Web development and Weblogic administration.
Siebel CRM
Local support for Siebel CRM administration, infrastructure planning, configuration, development and implementation.
Automate Siebel CRM installation.
Implementation of Siebel CRM Monitoring.

Java, J2EE, Weblogic
Java development with backend and frontend technologies like JSF, JSP and Servlets.
Database connections with JDBC, JPA or native Java databases. Administration of Java Application Server like Weblogic or Tomcat.

Makao - Nagios Plugin for Siebel

Makao works as a passive plugin for Nagios Monitoring to check health of Siebel CRM.

Nagios check are:
  1. Check status of Siebel components.
  2. Check status of tasks of Siebel components.
  3. Check minimum and maximum number of running tasks.
  4. Check timeout for tasks.
  5. Check Siebel application server via status or port check, optional clusterconfiguration.
  6. Check Gateway availability via port check.
  7. Cluster port check logic (active-passive cluster).
  8. Check enterprise logfile.
  9. Optional summary of tasks or components in one Nagios service.

Additional features not Nagios related:
  1. Automated restart of crashed Siebel components.
  2. Automated prefill of ini file with recommended values.
  3. Automated creation of all Nagios services for cfg file.
  4. Automated full parameter compare of two Siebel environments with data differences export.
  5. Automated export of all Siebel parameter into csv or txt file.
  6. Everything highly configurable via ini file.

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Unlimited version:           6100,- Euro
Noneuropean countries:   6300,- Dollar


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